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What kind of care would you want for a loved one who is fighting cancer? 

This is the question the experts at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) ask themselves every day. This question is what motivates us to continually research and employ innovative new techniques and therapies to fight cancer on all fronts.

We call this quest the Mother Standard® of care. It means our entire focus is driven by the advanced whole-person treatment options and the kind of care we would want for our own family members. Here, doctors care for you like family. Our Mother Standard of care is the essence of CTCA.

For almost 30 years, CTCA has been on the leading edge of cancer treatment with this personalized, whole-person care model. With cancer hospitals in suburban Chicago, Philadelphia, Tulsa, and suburban Phoenix, CTCA continues to expand its accessibility to patients. Our cancer experts provide a full range of treatment options-including options for advanced stage cancers and complex cases-all under one roof.

At CTCA, we understand that cancer doesn't just affect one part of the body. It affects all of you and everything in your life. Here, you will receive a personalized treatment plan which includes a powerful combination of advanced conventional treatments combined with supportive complementary medicine therapies. This whole-person approach helps you fight cancer while you enjoy a good quality of life.

Our doctors believe in your fundamental right to be informed about, and to choose among, the best available options for your cancer treatment. Using our Patient Empowerment Medicine® model, your multidisciplinary care team will empower you to actively and meaningfully participate in your cancer care. Rather than telling you what you need, your doctors at CTCA will listen to you and provide clear, well-defined choices.

Furthermore, we strive to make your visit to a CTCA hospital as convenient and stress-free as possible. Our representatives will handle all of the details for you, including your transportation and lodging arrangements. While here, our cancer hospitals offer a positive, hopeful environment for you and your loved ones so you can relax and focus on healing.

With the Mother Standard of care as a guide, CTCA cancer experts never stop searching for options to help you fight cancer on all fronts. 



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Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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